Trojan Batteries in Minneapolis, MN

Expect the best from Trojan brand batteries
Since 1998, AA Battery Company has been proud to be an official distributor of Trojan brand batteries in Minneapolis.
We have become experts in the field. Ask us which battery will work the best for your job.

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Premium Line - Batteries Retail in Minneapolis, MN

Premium Line

  • Available in 2-volt and 6-volt
  • Designed and optimized for renewable energy
  • Performs excellently for solar / photovoltaic, small wind, and micro-hydro applications
Signature Line - Batteries Retail in Minneapolis, MN

Signature Line

  • Flooded / wet batteries
  • Available in 6-volt and 12-volt
  • Engineered for longevity
  • Meets needs of floor machine and AWP / access applications
  • Numerous options for your specifications
Reliant AGM - Batteries Retail in Minneapolis, MN

Reliant AGM (absorbed glass mat)

  • Engineered for floor care and aerial lifts
  • Dual-purpose batteries
  • Function in deep cycling as well as starting applications
  • Eco-friendly and "green"
Golf Cart Batteries - Batteries Retail in Minneapolis, MN

Golf cart batteries

  • Deliver consistent performance
  • Rugged and durable
  • Long life